Sam Brooks

Principal, Washington DC

Sam 300

Sam’s passion for clean energy and climate drives his work — and helps clients cut energy costs and carbon through scalable, innovative, and data driven solutions. Sam excels in developing approaches that break through cost barriers to renewables, efficiency, and resilience; he takes great pride in projects that maximize financial benefits. With a tireless commitment to his work, he often develops strong, lasting relationships with his clients.

Sam is widely recognized for his leadership and innovation in energy and climate. He has architected and led landmark projects, including the largest-ever distributed solar deployment in a US city; a data-driven energy efficiency project for a 500-building portfolio; and a cutting edge effort to meet grid capacity needs with buildings as ‘virtual power plants.’ Sam previously served as Director of the Energy Division for the DC government’s 30M square-feet of real estate, where he led advanced energy management and procurement for the portfolio’s office buildings, schools, and other municipal buildings. He has also started and run two successful clean energy businesses. Sam has delivered keynote speeches to energy conferences around the world and his work has received distinguished acclaim, including the Individual Climate Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2014.

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