Design + Energy Analytics

We help clients to optimize the performance of entire districts, enhance the quality of space between buildings, develop climate-responsive building skins, and drive whole building performance.

Our analytical expertise makes possible the achievement of ambitious resource conservation, climate, resilience, comfort, and health targets.
We empower design teams to make better-informed decisions, founded on comprehensive analysis and supported by empirical modeling.

We focus as much on the levers that drive efficiency in buildings as on human experience within, between, and around buildings.

Our team is composed of energy analysts and modellers, architects, engineers, urban planners, and user experience designers, and reflects our commitment to integrated design.

We believe that the most creative solutions emerge from cross-disciplinary collaboration when different perspectives come together to solve the most complex problems.

Our greatest opportunity to counteract the negative effects of climate change exist when we explore our design with a critical eye, and assess measures which align with our strategic objectives of improving overall efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Shreshth Nagpal, Managing Principal