Life Cycle Assessment

We help our clients design, build, operate, and renew with a clear understanding of whole life environmental impacts, both at the architecture and MEP level.

MEP systems can have a huge impact on global warming through the way they function (operational carbon) and system life cycle (embodied carbon). Up to 50% of the embodied carbon impact of a new building comes from MEP systems and yet most life cycle analysts rely on estimates varying widely from reality.

To address this problem Integral Group has committed to a five-year research plan to advance and share knowledge in embodied carbon in MEP design. Working with Integral’s LCA team gives our clients access to the unique skills and knowledge developed through this investment.

The industry has long focused on operational carbon, but has ignored emissions related to the rest of the life-cycle stages of buildings. To make well-informed decisions that will mitigate global warming, engineers, architects and clients need to embrace whole-life carbon emissions.
Louise Hamot, Global Lead of Life Cycle Research