Elementa selected as MEP and sustainability consultant for Zeal’s new net zero hotel (without offsetting)

Elementa has been appointed as MEP and Sustainability consultants for Zeal Hotels‘ new hotel concept which follows sustainable principles from the build and throughout its operation to hopefully create a carbon net zero property.

Tim Wheeldon, managing director, Zeal Hotels, said that the concept has been welcomed “with open arms” by planning authorities. “We have been working on the idea of a sustainable hotel for over 3 years. The hotel sector is way behind other industries in terms of addressing the issues we face around carbon emissions, around our consumption and activities and we must recognise that, by 2050, we have to operate on a carbon net zero basis. As an industry, we have a lot of work to do and it’s going to be a lot easier and more cost effective to operate a new-build hotel at carbon net zero if the property is designed and constructed to carbon net zero in the first place”.

On Elementa’s appointment, Wheeldon said: “We have worked with Elementa Consulting on previous hotel projects and welcome their ability to think ‘outside the box’ when faced with specific challenges. David & his team fully embraced the brief to assist in designing the first net zero carbon Zeal Hotel and Elementa has assisted ‘Team Zeal’ in pushing the established boundaries and creating a revolutionary new hotel concept”.

Zeal is targeting carbon net zero, with the hotels seeking to reduce emissions rather than offset them. The challenge includes the construction and operation of the hotels, with Zeal accountable not only for their own emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but the construction and operation supply chains emissions (Scope 3) as well. The deconstruction and reuse of materials after the full life cycle of the hotel is also something Zeal will assess in terms of carbon emissions and financial cost.

David Glossop, Principal at Elementa and project lead, said: “Having worked with Zeal for the past couple of years and understanding their ambitions to create a net zero carbon hotel – partnering with Zeal to help them achieve this bold accreditation is a great honour and an exciting journey for us to embark on. The industry is starting to realise their customers are expecting more in terms of sustainability in the places they choose to stay, and it is already starting to become a key differentiator. The fact Zeal are choosing to not offset their carbon is conquering the next level in net-zero carbon aspirations – and we will be supporting them each step of the way to ensure it is achieved”.

The brand has submitted plans to East Devon District Council for a 142-room hotel at Exeter Science Park. The proposed development seeks to incorporate an innovative, low carbon building and operation standards, to be independent of the electricity grid.

Emily Shearer, Associate Principal and project manager, said: “We are starting to see a shift-change to a more carbon conscious clientele within the hotel industry, it is becoming apparent that hoteliers are wanting to explore net zero strategies. Zeal are really rising to the challenge in this case which is a challenge Elementa won’t shy away from. We aim to make this hotel a flagship that demonstrates that you don’t have to compromise your budget to create a truly sustainable destination. And of course, no compromising on the guest experience which continues to be the main focus throughout the design – guest experience is paramount.”

About Zeal Hotels

Established in 2012, Zeal Hotels has the specific aim of acquiring strategic hotel sites, developing the hotels and maintaining ownership of the assets. Motivated to reduce a hotel”s carbon emissions through the construction process, as well as operations, Zeal Hotels has launched a new brand, targeting carbon net zero, with the first UK site in the process of acquisition and is seeking further development opportunities.
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