Meghan Quinn

Associate, Los Angeles

Meghan Quinn

Meghan’s passion lies in energy efficiency and improving performance through natural resources, out of the box thinking, and truly integrated design. As an associate mechanical lead, she brings over 13 years of experience to Integral Group. Her path in deep green engineering stemmed from the desire to design buildings while working in synthesis with the environment, and avoiding depletion of our natural resources. This belief exercises her creativity to push past barriers resulting in exceptional mechanical design.

As a visual leader, Meghan encourages her team to foster innovative ideas through constant learning. Her approach is driven by looking beyond obstacles to understand the dynamics of sustainable buildings and ultimately enhance them.

Meghan is able to collaborate with the building owners and architects to find a delicate balance between designing for occupant comfort while incorporating sustainable building designs that keep our impact on the environment low. This passion for building systems design comes from the desire to see how a development can change an area, city, or even forming a cultural hub.

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