The next phase in sustainable construction

As the construction industry continues to strive towards a greener way of operating, many are discovering that the next phase of sustainable construction is understanding the concept of ‘Whole Life Carbon’. While it has been standard practice for some time to reduce operational carbon emissions, it is not yet common practice to be considering the embodied carbon of MEP systems as well. These two factors combined represent the whole life carbon of a project. This new buzz word is gaining the attention of experts throughout the industry as they try to grapple with the global warming impact, how it affects their business, projects and clients, and the scarcity of critical knowledge regarding this matter.

Some of our best engineers have been doing research into different angles of the whole life carbon issue. While much more work has to be done in order to fully understand how it impacts what we do, the pioneering research is already garnering the attention of industry leaders and experts.

Our senior sustainability engineer, Clara Bagenal George presented her study on “Understanding the importance of Whole Life Carbon in the selection of heat-generation equipment” at the CIBSE technical Symposium.


Here you’ll find the synopsis from the CIBSE Journal and her full research paper: Whole Life Carbon of heat generation April 23.04.19.