Net Zero Roundtables | Event Summary

Championing Net Zero in the Built Environment

The Net Zero Carbon agenda affects different sectors in different ways. Elementa Consulting have gathered industry leaders and clients from different disciplines to discuss the benefits, challenges, and solutions in building Net Zero Carbon developments.

Each event has a single focus on a specific sector with hand picked participants who specialise in that sector and represent a cross section of industry disciplines.

We assume in these discussions that the metrics for achieving Net Zero in the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide are a fair representation of the targets required to achieve the overall result of a Net Zero Carbon building.

09 July 2020 | SCHOOLS

Key themes from the Discussion:

  • Reuse + Refurbishments:  Avoid new builds whenever possible – minimise whole life carbon emissions by reuse and refurb strategies
  • Flexibility of design:  Think about the long-term masterplan of a school, with possible future extensions and adaptations. Even if that’s not part of the immediate plan. Flexibility should not be compartmentalised.
  • Re-evaluate requirements: Move to avoid AC where possible. Ceiling fans are a much more sustainable option.
  • Off-site + Modular: Increase building off-site. This will tighten up quality controls on Net Zero systems as well as limit COVID transmission opportunities.
  • Transparency: Information sharing and accurate data is key to success. Need much greater collaboration within the industry on this topic.
This summary Report provides an overview of the discussion


Key themes from the Discussion:

  • Looking at design process get in right from day one
  • Communicate clearly on targets
  • Changing mentalities not so much tick box
  • Not different but revised approach
  • External drivers: legislation, financial instruments and policy
  • Challenging brand standards – key issue in operations – energy standards
  • Need to think more radically – rethink a fresh in terms of approach
This Summary Report provides an overview of the discussion.

21 May 2020 | WORKPLACE

Key themes from the Discussion:

  • Wastage caused by CAT A to CAT B conversion
  • Closing the performance gap – engagement with Facilities Managers and occupants
  • Design for performance initiatives
  • Growing interest in prop-tech
  • Industry focus on capital expenditure rise in Net Zero projects
  • Net Zero planning needs to be done in very early stages
  • Better education or understanding of education levels needed for clients, contractors, agents.
  • Issues with clarity on policy and regulation
  • Need better communication about what works and what doesn’t
This Summary Report provides an overview of the discussion.

30 April 2020 | RESIDENTIAL

Key themes from the Discussion:

  • Generational shift towards green energy and green issues being important
  • Planning for Net Zero needs to happen at the very early stages
  • Building Net Zero gives your company a competitive advantage
  • Net Zero / PassivHaus are hard to achieve
  • Education for occupants + building managers can be challenging
  • Sharing of negative experiences is rare
  • Need better understanding of preferential lending within the industry
  • The added value of building Net Zero is subjective, need greater clarity on this
  • Agreement and consensus among all stakeholders very important from early stages
This Summary Report provides an overview of the discussion.