IG | VISION Light + Circadian Health in Buildings Live Event Recording

Occupant health and wellbeing are now at the center of all built environment projects.

Light is the primary regulator of our body’s circadian system. Our exposure to light, or lack thereof, can affect our sleep, mood, appetite, and productivity. Recent research linking lighting and human health have put a renewed focus on the importance of lighting in our buildings. It is essential for all project stakeholders to understand the critical role light plays in occupant health in order to deliver buildings that serve end-users and create lasting impact on wellbeing.

Principal Kera Lagios distills current trends and research in light and circadian health down to the essentials. She debunks lighting and wellness myths while exploring new avenues for lighting and daylighting design development.

Watch Light + Circadian Health and Buildings

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IG | VISION is a live stream webinar series sharing innovation and thought leadership from subject matter experts across the globe at Integral Group, Elementa Consulting, Elementa Engineering and Umow Lai. Spanning 5 countries and 21 offices, these webinars aim to serve and connect our clients, partners and colleagues all over the world.

This session included a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q+A session.