Elementa Release CPD Programme

The engineering sector is one of the most significant industries in the world, affecting economies, environment and human health. As new research and innovation cause changes in architectural and environmental design, sustainable energy strategies, and occupant behaviour, keeping abreast of the most up to date trends and information can be challenging.

Elementa have curated a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme to deliver a range of these important subjects relevant to designing sustainable buildings for any organisation working within the construction industry and all are available as webinars.

Whole Life and Embodied Carbon

“This is an overview of what whole life carbon and life cycle approach means in building design, highlighting the difference between operational and embodied carbon and demonstrating how embodied carbon mitigation, specifically, can form part of a building design.

This one hour CPD will benefit anyone wishing to learn how to design more sustainably as well as understanding the basics of calculating embodied carbon and the general process of carrying out a life cycle assessment.”

CFD Analysis in the Built Environment

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a modelling technique that analyses and solves problems that involve fluid flow. It can be used to take better informed decisions or assess design intents regarding the envelope and mechanical design by analysing indoor flow structure, heat, moisture and pollution distribution. It can also be used to assess the wind environment in the public realm and the impact on external comfort. This CPD is an introduction to the basic theory of CFD and its application within the building industry.

Introduction to PassivHaus Design

PassivHaus is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. This introductory CPD will benefit those who have heard about Passivhaus and have an interest in learning more.

The Basics of Building Services

This one hour CPD is for people who do not have a full understanding of the breadth of work covered by building services engineers and how it relates to other areas of the construction industry. It covers Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health engineering.