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London’s built environment sector risks falling ‘off track’ in achieving its environmental target, New London Architecture report warns

  • 85% of NLA Member survey respondents believe current policy and regulations are not compatible with zero carbon ambitions
  • Over 90% agree that the COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity to transform our way of life and transition to a 100% green economy
  • 60% answered that the next London Mayor should commit to making London carbon neutral by 2030
  • On... Read more

How can we enhance the patient experience through design?

Design analytics tools are becoming increasingly powerful in shaping the form, orientation, and façade configuration of healthcare buildings to improve occupant amenity while maintaining focus on environmental performance. Join James Gungl and David Barker as they explore a patient-centered design optimizing the internal environment for a... Read more
Every year, the World Green Building Council (WGBC) holds the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards to recognize leadership and excellence within the green building industry across the Asian Pacific. More specifically, the awards celebrate buildings with exceptional sustainability design and function, organizations that incorporate sustainable values into their core practice, and women who are leading the green agenda. ... Read more

Over the next 30 years, if we could reduce refrigerant leakage to 0.4% of refrigerant used, it would save 89.7 gigatons of CO2e.

By sharing our knowledge of current best practices we can accelerate the transformation of the built environment to meet our climate change obligations. This best practice guide is intended to help those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of building services to make well-informed decisions in the design of refrige... Read more

How do we prepare buildings for climate change and other global challenges like COVID-19? The future is resilience.

Natural ventilation and daylighting promote occupant comfort, health, and well-being while reducing environmental impact and mitigating risk. Join Senior Mechanical Designer Thomas Bamber and Associate Sean Casey as they explain the synergy between thermal and visual comfort and how both new and ex... Read more